Ecological zone

The mountains and the Southwestern part of the country , know as the wet zone ,receive ample rainfall (an annual average of 2500 millimeters). /most of the southeast , east , and northern parts of the country comprise the “dry zone , which receives between 1200 and 1900 of rain annually.


Main article : List of endmic mammals of Sri Lanka.
Sri lanka is home roughly 123 species of mammmals , 41 of which are threatened (9 critically). 16 of the species are endemic , of which 14 are theartened ,  {2} including the large sloth bear. Mammalian orders , with 30 different species. Sri Lanka’s surrounding waters are home to 28 species of cetaceans.


Man Aritcle : List of reptiles of Sri Lanka
Sri Lamka currently contains 178 species of reptiles , of which 60 are threatened and 108 are endemic. Most of t he reptiles are snakes and the largest are two species of crocodile , the mugger crocodile.
chrysopelea taprobanica – once endemic , but now found in india as well
Taruga eques – an andemic species of amphibian


Main Article : List of amphibians of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has one if the richest diversity of amphibians in the world, containing 121 species of amphibians up to 2018 with many recent discoveries , with 111 endemic species. {2}and has been claimed to have the highest species density inthe world {3} though that has been challenged.{4} 52 species of amphidians in Sri Lanka are threatened , all but one of which are endemic.